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Welcome to my Mediumship page. As a Medium, I access the spirit world for you and bring back evidence of a connection with your loved ones. They want you to know even though they are gone in body they are very much alive. They have merely transitioned from a living human to an eternal soul, which we all are. Your loved one who has passed wants you to know how much you are loved, and I have the fortune to extend their love to you. You actually can feel their love in a session with me. You also have the benefit of learning what their life is like on the other side while receiving their message from heaven. This is true healing for you and it is healing for your loved one as well. As the three of us go on this journey together, our lives are created anew.

The messages below are from the departed and will answer many of the problems you are struggling with on earth. They will soon be published in my upcoming book, In The Garden: Messages from Heaven for Life on Earth.

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The woman’s sister came in wearing a cotton dress. She was medium height and slightly stalky, but very healthy. Her hair was in pigtails. She was in a meadow enjoying the flowers and fresh air. She was happy in her heavenly home.

The woman wanted to know how to handle her sister’s husband. According to the woman, he had something against her he couldn’t let go of for 20 years. When her sister was alive, she could communicate with him through her, but now the woman couldn’t reach him.

The sister began sending love from heaven. It was very powerful and we were both bathed in it. She said to send this love to her husband. I am sending it to you in this fashion for you to remember how it feels. My husband will feel it coming from me through you. Even if the two of you don’t speak, you will be at peace knowing the love you sent was heavenly. The love you send will heal you, whether he responds or not.

Be in love. Be at peace.


The woman wanted to speak with her grandfather, who when we first met showed himself as tall and lanky. He was sitting on the ground with his hands at his butt kicking his feet up in the air. He was enjoying his freedom in his heavenly home. He told me he had been in business and found his life on earth very restrictive. It seemed his business partner held very close to the rules and the grandfather didn’t have the freedom he wanted. This was curious. Why not follow the rules?

The woman then told me her grandfather was an alcoholic, which answered my question about rule following and grandfather feeling restricted.

Grandfather was telling the woman there was something in her life that seemed like an entanglement and she needed to be wary of it. This didn’t make sense until she asked grandfather about her relationship with her husband.

Grandfather told her she needed to start thinking of herself. He realized it is embarrassing to acknowledge what is happening in her marriage but she needed to start thinking of herself. Get honest with yourself first and then let your husband know of your needs. Go to Alanon.

I finally asked the woman if her husband was an alcoholic and she told me he abused substances and he was disrespectful toward her. She has been trying to hold her husband up, but it is wearing on her.

Now the pieces were coming together.

In our discussion, the woman acknowledged she has to get help, and believes what her grandfather told her is the kick start to moving forward. I know, personally, because I have had alcoholism in my family, there is a long road ahead. It won’t be easy, but she has to start with herself first and trust her higher power will handle the relationship in whatever form it takes. 


Both children that the mom wanted to hear from came to talk during this mediation. There was some confusion at first. She had asked for her son, but her daughter was on her mind as well and showed up to speak before he did.

Her daughter showed how much the life she loved as a potential gymnast was carrying on in heaven. She was in her cheerleader costume and loving the opportunities she had. And she wanted her mom not to worry about the earthly things she was worrying about.

Her son showed up with a female he had a relationship with on earth and wanted the mom to know the issue they experienced on earth was resolved.

He showed me, as the medium, that he had died from what looked like suicide, but in fact was a drug overdose. While his mom knew in her heart the overdose wasn’t intentional, he wanted to reassure her it was not. He wanted her to know how sorry he was it happened, and that it wasn’t a result of the occasional clashes they had on earth. He wanted her to know the spirituality he was seeking on earth is manifesting.

Both children sent her love as we were parting.

The mom wants to caution we humans about the dangers of drugs by letting this story be told.


The woman asked to be connected with her dad, who came into view as a big man with a healthy body and dark hair. He appeared to be floating across a field. There were houses in the background. We went into an older, wooden style home and sat at the kitchen table.

The woman felt the houses represented the neighborhood in which she grew up and they did have family discussions at the kitchen table.

Dad didn’t have anything to say, but showed a woman with him and they were in love. The woman told me her mom had a stroke not too long after her dad passed. She believed her mom often visited her dad. Yes, this was her mother, and now they were in a garden playing in the dirt. Both very happy with a love that survives death -- and a stroke.

The woman asked her dad about her job and I saw a male sitting behind a large desk. There was a sense of feminine discrimination. To which the woman advised the discrimination was against older women and it was humiliating. Her dad said you can do better and to start your own business. The woman advised she had been thinking of leaving. She had her own business before and was very successful.

She told me her dad was a champion of women’s rights. No wonder we received such a message. Women don’t have to be humiliated in the workplace and wonder about their abilities. When this woman and I grew up, there were few rights for women. The work environment is different now, and there are legal processes to attain our rightful standing. And if not, follow dad’s advice -- you can do better.


"My mediumship experience with Barbara Royal was exceptional. She made contact with my recently deceased son & from the advice my son gave, I was confident that it was him, in the afterlife, communicating with us. I recommend Barbara Royal highly."

-Thomas DeCaro

"My mediumship experience with Barbara was very good. I feel closure from my feelings about my personal life and feelings I have had about my father for many years. He passed earlier this year. Thank you Barbara."

-Cheryl Atencio

"My experience during my mediumship session with Barbara was one of peace and enlightenment. She brought forward my sister whom I was very close to and the messages were accurate and precise. Thank you Barbara for the opportunity."

-Sharon Cihiwsky

"Thanks Barbara, This is what I got from the session, knowing that love is important and life in the after life is divine.. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift. Blessing ."

-Harriet Bender

"After my session with Barbara, I gave the message of love to her husband – the one it was intended for. The husband and children will try to pay more attention to

signs from heaven to know she is always with them. Thank you, Barbara, for this experience."

-Peggy S.

"Thank you Barbara. When I received this message, tears came to my eyes because of the intense emotion I was feeling. It made sense, when you told me she was sending me love. That's what I was feeling."

-Cindy Mohr