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Do Animals Have Emotions and Feelings? 


Yes, of course they do. This is the beginning of actual client stories which might help you recognize your own animal’s emotions and feelings. I have changed the name of the animal to protect the privacy of her owners.

If you would like to give your answer or comment about the emotion you think Misty was feeling, there is space at the end of the article.

Misty’s world was upside down with her people not around. The husband had been home for 6 months, but now they both work. Misty, the dog, is letting them know she misses them by misbehaving (peeing on the carpet, running rampant, etc.)


She doesn’t know how to feel comfortable with them gone. I did animal EFT (Tapping) for her and during the process got she could feel comfortable with them gone if they put the TV on. I told the owner what I had done and learned, and instructed the owner to start putting the TV on to help Misty feel someone was home with her.

Everything was fine with the TV playing the first day. But one of the owners didn’t want the TV running and the second day put the radio on. On that day, Misty ate 2.5 pounds of dates, was sick, and the day after she marked the carpet.

Animal EFT is highly effective, but family members need to do their part to help their animals. In this situation, there didn't seem to be a meeting of the minds on how to help Misty with her emotions. Eventually the owners got a pet sitter to come in a couple of times a week, which helped with Misty's problem. Playing the TV would probably have been less expensive, but at least the cause of Misty’s upsettedness has been uncovered and resolved.

Is this behavior something similar to what you may be experiencing with your pet? Can you identify the emotion? Your thoughts, comments and questions are invited.

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