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Animal Energy Healing

In people, 75% to 90% of all our doctor office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints. The underlying emotions are the cause of stress. Animals, as do we, have emotions. While there is not a statistic on stress-related illnesses for animals, about 80% of animal issues are a result of the emotions they absorb from us. This is because we live in such close proximity to our pets. Consequently, family dynamics, if applicable, are a part of the animal energy healing sessions I offer. 

The subtle body outside the physical body is the energy body.

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Emotions travel to the physical body. If your pet's emotions are thrown off balance for a period of time, they can cause strong physical feelings and affect your pet’s behavior. The stronger the emotions, the more obvious is the result in the physical body -– from behavior to illness -- which can show up as ...

  • general loss of health
  • unhappiness
  • weakness
  • sadness
  • anxiety
  • aggression
  • weakened immune system
  • slow recovery from illness or injury

Help for a stressed out kitty.

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Resolve the emotional issues and you remove the major causes. Without the causes, disease or misbehavior dwindle. When we heal the emotions, pain signals are no longer sent to the physical body. This can result in …

•  An immediate resolution of the behavioral or physical problem.

• A gap in time for the healing process to occur in the physical body.

•Occasionally no evidence of healing.

The forgotten emotions in animals is an area that is treatable with energy healing. Animal Energy Healing is an art -- I love it. And I love using it to solve problems that cannot be solved by trainers or veterinarians.

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