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Angel Miracles


We humans weave so many webs of discord that no single practitioner could be sufficiently trained in untangling all of them. Neither you nor I nor anyone else completely knows what needs to happen for the achievement of a desired outcome. Yet, Spirit and the angels are “specialists” Who can and will assist us in untangling the webs and manifesting our desired outcome, upon our call.

Following are summaries of some Angel Miracles I have been privileged to facilitate. In describing the experiences, I will use the word, Spirit, to include God (your Higher Power), the Holy Spirit, the angels and God’s divine ministers.

The person and I use the energy of Divine Love, intention, activation of the spiritual Law of Attraction and decrees (affirmative prayer) to facilitate their connection with Spirit. After the connection is made, I feel energetic shifts when Spirit and the person are working. I am aware of what the person is experiencing from our verbal communication and my coaching during the session and follow up contact.

I have used pseudonyms, and in some instances changed the gender of the person, to protect their privacy. If I am still in touch with the person, I have received their permission to present these accounts.

Angel miracles.
Angels keep me safe.


Genevieve experienced recurring powerlessness in her life. This powerlessness was further emphasized when she was knocked down and sustained a concussion and closed head injury.

In this work, we focus upon healing and changing the underlying cause of effects. In Genevieve’s situation we focused upon healing and transforming the cause of her attracting disempowering situations. Spirit works on a level beyond our consciousness. The following is a summary of the description Genevieve gave from her human comprehension.

Genevieve declared her strength, power, love and peacefulness. She experienced Spirit healing her head, back and neck and expressed it felt like she was being touched on the inside. She saw and felt the tingling of pink light in and around her, and felt as if they were Angels keeping her safe. She had the sense the Angels would remain with her. Genevieve was aware that Spirit accepted her power and affirmed that she, too, accepted her own power.

Genevieve has remained in her power, and upon recent follow up, advised she is co-authoring a book that addresses abuses she personally experienced.

Enjoying my new life.


The following is a demonstration of faith, patience and manifestation of harmonious relationship. It shows that what we call for is being acted upon by Spirit. While the forces on Spirit’s level are unknown, this Angel miracle gives some of the human events that took place during the manifestation process.

It had been three months since George and I had done prayer work for the renewal and healing of his relationship with his son. Throughout this period, George absolutely knew he and his son would be reunited. One day he announced, “A miracle has happened; I heard from my son!”

For various reasons, George and his now-grown son had had no verbal or physical contact since his son’s youth. However, throughout the years, George was aware of the soul link between them. Prior to the time we worked together, he had been given signs from Spirit that they were ready for a physical reunion. We began our session with George’s decree: “I have a new and wonderful relationship with my son and his family. Ways for me to reunite with him are already here.” We both knew, beyond any doubt, that Spirit was responding, even as we prayed. During the prayer work, George experienced all self-sabotaging conscious and subconscious emotions and feelings he had been holding onto being transformed, and he received a soft blue light of love around his heart. He had forgiven and been forgiven. The prayer, release and forgiveness had created a vortex through which God’s highest good for George and all those concerned could flow.

During the three months, George’s son experienced changed feelings toward his father and an urge to reunite with him. His wife supported him through this shift and the search for his dad, which was notably synchronistic. After only a few phone calls, he easily located his father.

George has now reunited with his son and met his grandchild and daughter-in-law and acclaims. “I have a new and wonderful relationship with my son and his family!”

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Joan had experienced insecurity a good part of her life. She would rage at her husband and accuse him of improprieties, while attempting to have him conform to her religious beliefs. She was being abused by her husband, and found herself controlling, angry, suspicious, stressed, over weight and physically sick. Joan did not know why she behaved the way she did and could not remember anything before sixth grade. She was very serious about uncovering the mystery of her behavior and finding love, peace and health.

Joan has a very faith-filled relationship with Jesus, Who was with her and held her up throughout all four of her sessions. Shortly after we began working together, Joan had a memory of sexual abuse by her neighbor that took place when she was approximately in the first grade. She also remembered she couldn’t tell her mom. However, a degree of healing occurred in that session, where she saw herself free and “swinging.” In another session, she had a memory of ongoing physical abuse by her dad, discord between her parents and her suppression of emotions. She asked Jesus to heal her and take away all the guilt and pain, which He did. Joan received several inspirational messages from Jesus, which helped her in her healing process.

Joan came to love and respect herself and found ways to reclaim her ideal weight and physical health. She has learned to let go of control and is letting God do His job in her life and in her relationships. The more she lets go of control, the more loving, trusting and spiritual she and her husband have become. She is now happy and recognizes that power comes from surrender – not control. And her relationship with Jesus keeps blooming.

I love and respect myself.

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The blue angel.


Phil’s wife had passed unexpectedly, and he was experiencing lack of purpose and feeling unclear and hopeless about his life’s direction.

We focused upon his feeling full of life, energized and content to be alive and Phil affirmed these qualities by decree.

At the beginning of the session, Phil reported seeing various colors and increased beating of his heart. He then reported the presence of his wife, as well as a being that was “much bigger.” He and his wife communicated telepathically, and he simultaneously experienced healing. He was given the blue color of the Caribbean to help remember his healed state, and was told to come back to this place if you have any doubts.

Upon follow up, Phil reported that he was staying in touch with his wife. He was aware of the difference in energy between his wife and the being that was “much bigger.” He was sleeping better and feeling lighter in spirit. He noticed his physical appearance had changed back to its old vibrancy. He had enthusiasm and fluidity in the work he was doing.

When I sought Phil’s permission to relay his Angel miracle, I received the following response. I have deleted personal communications to maintain the sacredness of the messages received:

“One of the things that I was most worried about is that even with all the religious and metaphysical learning I had done, it made no sense that God would let you love and then rip it away. It did not matter of my logic, etc. I still went into a deep funk and could not get out of it. The answers I got…were very settling to me. I needed those answers and they were given. Also, the deep color of the Caribbean blue. I found myself looking for jewelry and that color in other ways. I even went to the Caribbean to heal in that color. Life is fantastic and we are on the tip of the wave. How glorious.”

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Gloria’s experience with her sibling was that of being drained and sucked dry and she wanted to reclaim her life and power in this current relationship.

Spirit took her to a past life that might have been during the Renaissance or dark ages. Gloria was a girl in her mid-teens – very sweet, attractive and very poor. She met a monk who was kind to her and gave her scraps of food. She felt she needed his help to survive. She also had a great passion to learn to read and write. Consequently, she became his lover and student. She gave birth to a baby by him, who died. Before the baby died, Gloria was taunted by townspeople because she wouldn’t tell who the father was. One of these townspeople was her sibling in both lifetimes.

Now in the present, Gloria brought back with her the knowledge that she was true to herself; that perceptions of others are not who she is. She did what she had to do to survive. She kept the monk’s identity secret, protecting him from shame. While in session, she claimed her wholeness and completeness and experienced the healing of that lifetime, which was influencing the present. As a result, Gloria was able to shift her current relationships, not only with her sibling but with others as well.

I am whole and complete.

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