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We all have sacred wounds ...

We all have sacred wounds and I am a mystic, working with the causes you do not see to heal the wounds. 

     Let me explain.

  • My client suffered from migraine headaches since age 4. They were so debilitating, she couldn’t go to work and often found herself lying on the floor vomiting. This was her sacred wound.
  • When she had a session with me, she learned the contributing cause of the migraines began with arguments between her divorcing parents. The arguing was the invisible cause of her migraines – her sacred wound.
  • The healing of her migraines occurred when she followed the instruction to meditate, and she has not had a migraine since.

     Here is another story.

  • My client recognized there was something holding her back from her monthly financial income. This was her sacred wound. 
  • When we did an Akashic Records session, it became clear she subconsciously didn’t believe her work deserved payment. Additionally, a past life revealed punishment for doing her work. These were the invisible causes of her not receiving consistent financial income.
  • With this awareness, she was able to be herself without fear of attack from the past and present. She is now comfortable accepting money for the work she does and her affirmation is, “Money flows easily and freely from everywhere to me. I am more than good enough.”

We all have sacred wounds and I am a mystic, working with the causes you do not see to heal the wounds.

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• “I am grateful for the session and the gift of no more migraines.“ 

Michelle Wirts

• “I really like how this work helps to heal from current and past life trauma. Thanks so much again.” 

Dawn Moore

• “I feel filled with self-love and deserving to be in peace.”

 Laurie Mortenson

• “I feel a sense of freedom to be myself without fear from the past or present.”

Kathy White Dove

• "I wanted to thank you again for your time last week. I really loved the session. It was an emotional experience for me, not sure why exactly, but it was. I’m using the mantra & repeating it regularly, now more than ever! Thanks again for sharing your gift. " 

Dana Bruce

• "To say the information that came through was incredible, does not do it justice. Some things I had suspected about a past life actually happened. When you know things instinctively, you just know and this reading verified that for me. I got the answers to my questions and more than I could ever have imagined. Thank you again for everything. Blessings...xx"

Rosanne Heaton